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CSSLP - Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional

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Few months back I had decided to appear for Cisco CCIE security Certification. That time I was simply new to this one. I asked my colleagues about books. They recommended me of Pass4sure QnA guide. I bought one immediately. I easily learnt the topics like tunneling protocols without any additional efforts. I really enjoyed my preparation time. My exam went fantastically. I succeeded in answering 106 questions. The result was a positive surprise for me. I got a stupendous result. Thanks
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While enrolling for Cisco CCIE SECURITY Exam I was sure that I have to work really hard and score an awesome result. So I geared up to search for an accurate guide. I consulted my seniors. They advised me of Pass4sure QnA guide. With total faith I bought it. On reading it, I easily managed to learn topics like IGMP and CGMP. I truly enjoyed reading. There was no need of referring any other guide. I took 120 minutes exactly to complete my exam. I was sure that I will receive good marks. It actually happened. Thanks guys. Cheers to pass4sure.
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It is very essential to act smart along with hard work. Hence I straight away referred to pass4sure QnA guide for Cisco CCIE SECURITY certification. My decision proved to be right when I experienced extreme easiness in understanding concepts like authentication and authorization technologies. I smoothly understood topics. It took mere three weeks time when I was able to cover up the course along with revision. While giving exam I was able to match the questions with the course studied. Successfully I managed to answer the questions ultimately scoring 840 marks. Passing was fun. Thanks.
Sinching zuhani
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Wonderful book it is!!!!!Customer Opinions

I have never felt myself so much at ease as the one with Pass4sure QnA guide. This first time happened when I had recently appeared for Cisco CCIE SECURITY certification. It so happened that in beginning I had decided to read from CCIE SECURITY guide by Benjamin. The book is nice. Very easy to adapt but with only one drawback of time consuming explanation. I wanted to save my time. So I immediately thought to switch to pass4sure QnA guide. My decision was worthy. I answered my paper well. I scored 830 marks. Thanks a lot.
Emily parker
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The book that I had initially referred to was CCIE SECURITY reference by lancy Lobo for Cisco CCIE SECURITY Exam. this book is quite a good one. Many of my known people have used this guide. But since I was lacking time, I was looking for quick to study and learn guide. Then my friend's told me about Pass4sure QnA guide. I was able to quickly cover up my course with this. This guide is simply awesome. I truly enjoyed the process of learning and preparing for my work. I gave exam properly. I answered 105 questions. I passed well.
Maria Jane
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Recently I had appeared for Cisco CCIE SECURITY certification. I got confidence in giving this exam only because I had pass4sure QnA guide with me. This guide is simply best one. I truly found it very easy in cracking this exam. Topics are presented in interesting manner. There was no confusion also. In exam I was sure that I will clear it indeed. That definitely happened. I have completed my exam within 120 minutes. The result was awesome. Thanks team.
Jane McGonagall
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When I was preparing for Cisco CCIE SECURITY certification I was not aware of appropriate books. Somehow I was reading from here and there. A lot of time had also wasted in irrelevant books. So I got worried a lot. I was not able to decide what to do. my seniors guided me pass4sure Dumps guide. Things were well understood while studying it. All my worries were going away. I was getting right picture as well. I confidentally answered the paper. In good faith I was able to perform well. I achieved 830 marks. Thanks so much.
Adam Michel,
London, UK

This book is so awesomeCustomer Opinions

I had recently appeared for Cisco CCIE SECURITY certification. The experience was wonderful. I had used pass4sure Dumps guide. I read this guide very easily. Even I had busy schedule then also I was able to understand every topic very easily. I got proper time for reading every topic. This guide is indeed made for me. I don't find any Issue in it. I gave my 100 percent efforts in learning every topic. I had passed my exam greatly. I had answered 107 questions with solid confidence. The result was great. Thanks a ton.
Shiela Jaiswal
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This was my first attempt for studying from Pass4sure study guide. I had used this guide for giving Cisco CCIE SECURITY certification. My manager had recommended me for using this guide in order to succeed ahead in this exam. I found it great way indeed. I readily agreed to this and started reading. I worked really hard. It took only three weeks time in reading every topic and finally revising it. I knew all the answers well in this exam. I was very happy to answer the paper on time also. It took less than 120 minutes. I had passed as well.

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When my preparation for Cisco CCIE SECURITY certification was going on I was not feeling any tension at all. There was a strong reason behind it. It was none other than pass4sure study guide that had helped me in doing so. I was totally confident that this time I would prepare way better than ever. Every topic was well referred to. I had no issue at all. The paper went good. This guide had all the same questions as it was asked in exam. So I got double confidence. I had answered to all 110 questions and passed exceptionally well. Thanks so much.
Rajmihar shah
Junagadh Gujarat

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